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Nikkei-Inspired Menu Debuts in DC

James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schlow announces a new era for his Latin American restaurant on 14th Street. Tico will be debuting a new menu on September 2nd that focuses on the exciting and crave-worthy Nikkei (nee-kay) cuisine, which brings together Japanese tradition and technique with big, bold Peruvian flavors.

“It’s been exciting to be part of the growth on 14th street," says Chef Michael Schlow. "We’ve been so lucky with Tico, our first restaurant in DC, which is known for its fun vibe and Latin American menus. When we first learned about Nikkei cuisine on a trip to Peru, we always wanted to make it part of the Tico offerings. We love the vibrant flavors this unique fusing of Japanese and Peruvian cultures brings to the table, and we now have the right team in place to execute it.”

DC is its own fusion of cultures from around the world, and this new menu matches the vibe of 14th Street.

Influenced by Schlow and his team’s travels to South America, Japan, Spain and Mexico, the 34-item menu highlights the vivacious flavors of Nikkei cuisine with a new focus on maki rolls and traditional sushi rolls. Diners will also enjoy a revamped menu of small plates, tacos, entrées and desserts—all with the same creative passion of previous Tico menus. Michael Schlow, Tico’s Executive Chef Brandon Brown and Chef Young Oh from Nama Sushi Bar, Schlow Restaurant Group’s acclaimed sushi bar on K Street, all collaborated to build this dinner menu.

A few new dishes include:

  • Orange Crush – maki roll with king salmon, aji amarillo, jalapeno, cucumber, ikura and masago arare

  • Yellowtail Ceviche Tacos – avocado, ponzu, tempura bits

  • Sashimi Salad – cucumbers, tomatoes, chiles, mint, yuzu

  • Lettuce Cups– duck confit, pineapple, serranos, crispy quinoa, soy glaze

“DC is its own fusion of cultures from around the world, and this new menu matches the vibe of 14th Street,” chef Schlow added. “Our sushi bar, Nama (Mount Vernon Triangle), has really grown its loyal diner base. So we thought, ‘let’s have some fun and give our chefs a sandbox to create very beautiful and delicious Nikkei-inspired dishes at Tico.’ We are so thrilled with the results and can’t wait for the neighborhood to experience it for themselves.”

Tico will launch its new dinner menu on Wednesday, September 2. All dine-in reservations through Sunday, September 6, will be treated to samples of the new dishes and cocktails, giveaways and other prizes. Diners can use the promo code “NIKKEI15” to receive 15% off of online orders from Thursday, September 3, through Sunday, September 6. Learn more about the menu at


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